Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dennis Haskins for Dancing with the Stars

Remember Principal Belding? Real name Dennis Haskins.He wants to be on Dancing with the Stars. I think he should be.
Also be sure to check out his album "Karaoke With Your Favorite Principal Dennis". Hulk Hogan's daughter sings on the album. It's a real piece of shit.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Check out BADBADNOTGOOD. They're pretty mean. Here's a clip of them with Tyler, The Creator - check out SHE aswell.
They're album was released December 2011 and you can download it for free from their Tumblr.
Big thanks to Brad for this one.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

American Prudes

So you may remember Herman Caine, the charismatic, eloquent (cf. Bad Lipread - youtube) and "blacker than Obama" (which I agree with in every way) Republican presidential candidate who bowed out of the race a few months back due to sexual harassment claims. I was disappointed when Caine left the race, especially because of the reasons for his departure. More importantly, I found it interesting that he left because of sexual harassment claims from 14 YEARS AGO! His forced departure was not because of retarded policy, not because of his inability to make decisions which would benefit the country but because he wanted a "gobbi" (hahahaha) from an employee. I agree that sexual harassment is not a good thing but here it's important to examine the reasons he left the race relative to all possible reasons for leaving the race. Caine is obviously not an idiot. He was the founder and CEO of one of  America's largest pizza chains - Godfather's Pizza. Anyone who can turn a company like Godfather's pizza into a successful enterprise must be pretty smart because Godfather's Pizza sucks. He managed to convince a country of 307,006,550 people to buy alot of his shitty pizza and enjoy it. I don't think his ability to make good economic decisions is entirely in question. Caine was forced out of the race because of sex scandal, not because of his ability or inability to run a country.

You may also remember Anthony Weiner who sent a few saucy snaps of himself via the internet to his chick on the side. After days of denial he finally admitted it was his weiner in the photos and resigned due to public and governmental pressure. Here, the point to remember is that the pressure to resign was born out of sexual activities he pursued in his private life.

Now, the latest “sex” scandal to rock the Republican presidential race involves the one and only Newt Gingrich. One of senor Gingrich's ex wives recently gave an interview with ABC detailing Newt's desire for an open marriage. Of course he already had a mistress at the time of bargaining with his wife but I guess he felt he had to be honest. Gingrich is now facing similar public pressure and scrutiny as both Caine and Weiner felt. But why is a candidate's private sex life the catalyst for any scrutiny of his ability to be president.
Newt Gingrich is a real piece of shit. He's a dishonest motherfucker that will misappropriate money to spew his vitriol in colleges across America. I wont reproduce the entire story here, although you are welcome to read an articulate and concise article about it here:
The long and the short of it is that Newt set up bogus “educational” charity committee's in order to solicit tax-deductible funds to pay for a television show and a college course, taught by himself, which gave warped, propagandist views on American history that guided viewers and course participants into a mode of thinking and decision making that would benefit himself (Newt) and the Republican party. Not only was it illegal for him to solicit funds in this way but it his use of these fund were completely unethical.
When Professor's at the college where the course was being taught began to complain about Newt's “teaching style” his modus operandi was revealed and Newt faced the wrath of a government inquiry. Newt denied and lied about everything only to admit to everything shortly after.

Does the US public know about this? Yes. Does the US public know he lied about his involvement in soliciting funds and disseminating propaganda? Yes. Does the public know about hi retarded views on race and homosexuality? Yes.

So why the fuck is it his desire to have an open marriage the reason for his potential demise in the Republican presidential race!? Both him and Herman Caine are extremely retarded individuals. I don't understand how, in 2012, they can still get away with statements like “homosexuality is unnatural” and “Israel has a right to defend their modern-day homeland but Palestinians do not” because “they are an invented people”. How the fuck are they getting away with this shit? Why does it take sex for them to bow out of the race? Newt Gingrich continually offers dodgy tax deals which clearly benefit only the 1%ers and destroy the rest of the country but that's “ok” the Americans say. It's all good for you to steal money to spread propaganda, cheat the public and lie about it but if you send a dick pic to a babe you're gonna get some tang from then all of a sudden you're incapable of running a country.

Gingrich is a piece of shit that should have been bounced out of the race months ago because of his retarded perception of reality, his shady policy and his willingness to lie about his transparently illegal “business” and “educational” ventures. Why does it take an open marriage to get rid of him!?

Why is America so prudish to the point that it overrides any sort of objective, rational decision making and evaluation.

I really am lost in retardation.

And you can take that to the bank.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012